January 10, 2002: Savory homemade bread
I want to make bread today after a long time.

Small but accurate digital scale weighs strong flour exact-350 gram excluding the container.
All ingredients are carefully scaled as well.

From left, salt 6 gr. (1 small tbsp), sugar 17 gr. (2 large tbsps), dried yeast 6 gr. (2 small tbsps), margarine 17 gr., and water 238 gr. respectively.
The ingredients are put into the container and set in the kneader. After switch on, it automatically kneads the ingredients for a while. The materials turn to a lump of beautiful dough after 70 minutes primary fermentation. Before I bought this kneader, I was forced to beat the dough for mixing in a large bowl more than 200 times by hands.
The timer tells me the end point of the kneading. I take out the beautiful dough onto the scale. It weights about 630 grams.
It is divided into two lumps.
The cross sectional surface of a lump is wrapped into the inside of the mass and then shaped in round. After sitting on a bench for 20 minutes, the timer tells me to proceed.
OK, here we go.

The dough have swelled very smooth.
A roller degases air from the dough and spreads it on the kitchen plate.
The disk is then folded four times and smoothed to make a ball. The molder is of 2,700 cc type.
The seam line of the dough should be on the bottom side. Two lumps of dough are put into the mold and left for a while in a vinyl bag for further aging.

The mold is thinly lined with salad oil.
Beautifully mellowed! Let's put it into the oven.

The baking time is 35 minutes with 180 degrees C.
Here you are! Savory bread has come out of the oven. Mouthwatering flavor filled the room.
Inside moist and crispy outside bread looks very good.

In a cold day of winter, I baked up the beautiful bread in the warm room. I have had a good day today.