2001 USA-Germany Travel Record

October 26, 2001: To New York

Today, we will go to New York together with Mr. Tsukamoto. We have long been wondering if we could visit New York after the Disaster of September 11. Mr. Tsukamoto, however, suggested us that "Seeing is believing." We decided to go.

We got on an Amtrak from Union station.

The train runs through the deep autumn landscape.

Three and a half hours to New York is very important time for Mr. Tsukamoto who shuttles the two cities. He soon started to work on the computer.

We enjoyed the travel by train by looking outside landscape and enjoying coffee so as not to disturb him.

Haiku: "Tongue-burning hot coffee promises a nice autumnal travel.

We are approaching New York skyline. I can see the Empire State Building on the left. Where are the two towers that should come into sight on the right? Passengers around me silently watch the landscape as well.

We arrived Penn Station in Manhattan at last. My favorite New York! I was exciting to see again the Big Apple. At the same time, I wonder what the city was changed after September 11. The cold wind welcomed me on the ground.

The Empire State Building stands still under the bright sunlight and many yellow cabs run around as usual.

I was guided to Mr. Tsukamoto's Office and saw my dear old faces of Consuelo, Tomoko for the first time in three years. All of the members in Tsukamoto's New York Office visited a restaurant called Brewery and enjoyed New York original tasty buckwheat noodle.

Haiku: "I fully enjoyed fresh and tasty buckwheat noodle in Manhattan."

We will see another dear old friend. Mr. Tsukamoto and Ms. Tomoko recommended taking subway to tearoom Toraya in upper town. We jumped on a sub hurriedly and arrived at a large sign of tiger that shows the tearoom. They serve tasty Japanese cakes and tea.

Miss Yang, a Korean undergraduate of Columbia University showed up on time. She stayed my home two years ago. She first studied in a university in Boston and moved to New York. She presented me souvenirs of Columbia University. I was delighted very much.

We walked around down to Rockefeller Center. The approach is beautifully decorated with chrysanthemum pods. The background flags, usually flags of all nations, turned entirely to the Stars and Stripes. Many people are enjoying skating on the rink.

Haiku: "Manhattan is in mourning with the flavor of chrysanthemum."

I saw a building like this. Ms. Consuelo in New York Office said she snapped many pictures in the town whenever she had time. A large Stars and Stripes covers the entire building under remodeling.

We got back to New York Office together with Yang. I introduced her to the office members. Unfortunately, Ms. Tomoko was already back home.

We then said good-bye to Yang and headed to Mr. Tsukamoto's home in Port Washington. I was very glad to see Mrs. Tsukamoto, Kaoru, for the first time in three years. She kindly welcomed us with wonderful Japanese dishes. I could read a Japanese paper after a long time and clearly understood what have been happening around the world.

She said she had the first cold wind today in New York, but my heart remained warm because I could see many dear old friends.

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