November 24-25: Community Cultural Festival@by Mie
This is my "end of autumn" visible through the kitchen window. Every puff of cold breeze makes the golden leaves of a gingko scatter on the kindergarten's playground. It is really beautiful.

In the afternoon on a day like this, I visited the community hall of our Fujimigaoka housing complex to see a cultural festival. This is a wonderful display of a patchwork group.

An enlarged patchwork of a flower pattern shows the painstaking gathering of the quilts.
Knitting works of coming year's zodiac animal "horse."

Our Haiku club also exhibits some works.
Yes, this is my work.

"Three flowers of red spider lily tell the arrival of autumn in the breeze."

All of the architraves today are the handworks of our Haiku teacher.

My husband has returned from a backpacking with a senior personal computer group with souvenirs like those, just pulled out horse radish and newly picked persimmons.