March 23, 2001: Full of flowersiClick the pictures)
I have been away from home for ten days. I found my garden has suddenly turned to brilliant colors.

Spring has come to my garden at last. Flowers in the garden started to bloom and say hello to me unanimously.
The pansy has been suffering from coldness, and now it looks like refreshing under the warm sun.
Forsythia is one of my most favorite flowers with its bright yellow flowers. I planted it from the beginning my house was built.
So many Daffodils bloomed in the garden in unexpected corners.
Camellia is the symbol tree in my garden. I love to see many flowers blooming red in color. Large birds often visit the flower to taste the nectar.
A white camellia stands still in the kitchen garden. The tree was presented from my dead father-in-law when we first built the house. It is a very important tree.
A couple of kale flower is regularly planted for the New Year cerebration. They turn to unusual shape with high growing stalks.
I love to grow hyacinth in water pods. I sample the bulbs after the flower and put them under the ground here and there in my garden. They shoot out sprouts first in the spring. What is odd, most of them are violet in color. I wonder I put some bulbs I sampled after red flowers.
Mention the word violet, and those lovely Muscaris are violet as well. They proliferate very healthy and sprout out everywhere in the garden.
White North Pole and pink primrose. I don't remember I planted them. I transplanted them from the ground to a flower pod.

Both of them are really lovely, indeed.
I make very important of this difficult Christmas rose. The red flower stalks were vanished away after all.
What is delighted, however, I found white Christmas rose flowers in an unexpected corner. I suppose the seeds were scattered and took root.
The Linaria flower was presented from my friend last year. It has proliferated around the garden and hold beautiful pink flowers.
On March 9, we had a snow like this. The garden is now enjoying its full spring, however.
As I was so delighted surrounded by full spring, I put white and red camellia in the pod and enjoyed many cups of coffee in the terrace.

Mieko Nagano