March 10, 2001: I found a good bakery
On the day before yesterday, I got an E-mail from my friend Yuu saying, "I found a good bakery." I soon went to explore the bakery. It was located in Midorigaoka housing development nearby. Just after turning around a street corner, a nice approach welcomed me with white deck chairs.

The likeness of the master is on the billboard. On the tall chef cap is his basic concept of life, "BON VIANT" (Wonderful Life.)
The shop is very blight. The master Mr. Kenji Akari (literally meaning "light"!) and his wonderful wife welcomed me at the entrance of the baking factory equipped with large ovens.
He soon explained me about his shop by showing a huge loaf of Danish bread.
He started the shop in last October, he said. I directly asked him if he set himself free from the life of a white-collar worker. He smiled and answered me as follows:

After completed a high school course, he lived around in Tokyo and Osaka and spent 32 years with fashion-related business. During those years, he visited France, Italy, and other European countries more than 30 times looking for tasty bread, wine, and cheese. This experience encouraged him to open a bakery when a chance came.
This is Lou van Natural Blue bread, a sort of French country bread, made from French wheat, natural salt, and natural yeast.

In the back is German bread made from rye, Lou van natural yeast and natural salt.
He was introduced a chance two years ago from his friend to learn baking in a bakery in Kansai area. After the learning, he got back to Oita and opened the shop.

Bakery recommended Beget is made from French agricultural-chemical-free wheat, natural salt, and natural malt to create the same flavor and taste as a bakery on the street of Paris.
This is a wonderful corner decorated with his favorite poster and wine.

The corner may be turned to a snack corner in which Beget bread is served with cream cheese and wine.
A guest came in and bought a large loaf of Danish bread.
An alarm of the large oven rang and savory grape bread came out.
I bought some of bread in the shop.

This is the show window of the bakery.
Today, I bought Danish bread and Beget. Rye bread was a present from the shop.

I enjoyed wine and the rye bread with cheese on it. I also tried Beget. Danish bread will be served on tomorrow breakfast.
Akari shop start baking from 6 a.m. and the product will be delivered if they get a large amount of order. Visit the shop to taste the atmosphere of a French street.
Bakery Akari: 5-7-3 Midorigaoka, Oita City, phone 097-541-7777

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