July 14, 2000:Preparing for the 26th YMF
We have regular preparation meeting for the 26th YMF on every Friday. After taking supper in a hurry, we drove up to Kotokoto-Ya tearoom in Yufuin.

I found a tiny cute flower dipped in a glass on the counter. Yes, it is blue berry with really round and moderate fruits that become wonderful-taste blue berry jam. I was fascinated with the flower very much.
We have arrived behind time a little. The members are already discussing the preparation eagerly. On this table, the setting of the stage is checked carefully.
What is the book that Mr. Kato, general secretariat of the Festival, is reading?
The book is the first number of "Campanella"- a special magazine of classical music-, issued on July 10. Last month, I got E-mail from a staff of Art Union Co., Ltd asking to introduce the information on YMF. I soon took contact with Mr. Kato and answered back.
The article is text only, but I found the URL of YMF. I was delighted.
We prepared many things such as checking the number of lunch to be served for the staff during the Festival, reconfirming the number of attendants to a combined kick off meeting of YMF and Yufuin Movie Festival, and making the through-tickets of YMF.

The through-ticket is recommended to those who want to join all the programs in the Festival.
Cutting out red covers of the through tickets.
The tickets are inserted between the red covers and stapled firmly.
We work pleasantly with enjoying the chatting. During the cooperation, every volunteer member becomes familiar with each other and this will result in good steering of the Festival.
The happiest-looking tonight was Ms. Kyoko Aso. She is a flutist and is in charge of attending the artists in the Festival or turning scores in the performance.

"Look, look, it's so pretty, isn't it?" She showed us an i-book computer.
Keita, a nice guy of Kotokoto-Ya, bought some packs of "Takoyaki" cake. It was so tasty! Mrs. Misako of the restaurant put wonderful wooden forks for picking up the cake. I felt this was a sort of Yufuin-style sense.
I enjoyed Takoyaki together with Mrs. Hino.

On July 17, I will be back here to join a combined kick-off party for YMF and Yufuin Movie Festival sponsored by Yufuin Sightseeing Union. I expect to see many people.

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