January 1, 2000: Entering a new millennium:  by Mie
We visited a small temple nearby to ring a bell, wishing a sound transition to a New Year. After that, we turned around to Hayashi shrine to celebrate the New Year. There are so many visitors at a small shrine like this.
I drunk Omiki, or libation together with Lillian, then drew fortune-telling lotteries. Both of us got "Big Happiness" and read them enthusiastically.
The special breakfast to celebrate the New Year. On the table are beautiful dishes we prepared until yesterday. We sat on the table in kimonos.
Lillian wears my kimono I wore in my young days; it fits her very well. We tasted a bottle of special wine instead of Otoso - a traditional special sake drink. We wish we would have sound days this year.
We enjoyed sunlight in the garden.
In the afternoon, we visited a close friend nearby.
Lillian told me the meaning of a New Year's ceremony in Hong Kong: in old days htere were demons that ravaged houses on the New Year's Eve. People called at each other on the New Year's morning whether the neighbors were safe or not. This is the origin of the ceremony.
Lillian knows much about the origin and history of many traditional events.

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