April 27: farewell to Australia

April 27 morning: West Lake is very beautiful this morning as well. I sketch the lake from the balcony not to forget the beauty of the Lake. We will fly to Sydney after a long stay in Adelaide.
After breakfast, we walked around the Lake and the shopping center to say good-bye. We shall return. There is a Barbecue oven in the beach park without fail.
We put the last belongings this morning and asked to carry down them to the lobby. Good-bye, our virtual home in West Lakes.

To the airport by a taxi: how many times have we seen this signboard? We got accustomed in detail to the streets, I feel lonely to leave this lovely City.
One and a half hour flight take us to Sydney, flying over the red plain with the patch of the cloud.
At the airport, I put my watch forward 30 minutes. We checked in Sheraton Airport Sydney for convenience of tomorrow morning's early flight to Tokyo.
On the table was a LAN terminal. I tried to connect the web with the least expectation and disappointed as had anticipated. What happened on my PC? The paper reads, "24 hours support available with high speed", but we decided to go out and enjoy the last few hours in Australia.

A shuttle bus took us to Queen Victoria Building. Where should we spend the last few hours in Sydney? The answer was Sydney Tower to which we had been thinking to climb up but haven't. The AMP Tower, 304.8m high, is under remodeling for the Olympic in September. Everywhere in Sydney is under repair, refurbish, or remodeling. The sunset scene from the top of the tower was really impressive, however.

We see Sydney Harbor on the left picture with a small look of white Opera House, and a funny "bookstand" building (right) just under the Tower.
The last shot on a street of Sydney. After this, we again walked up to Circular Quay and said hello to Opera House. We enjoyed my favorite rock oyster dish by looking wonderful lights of the buildings at the same restaurant on the wharf, which we had visited at the second night in Australia.
We got on a return shuttle bus through the evening jam-packed street back to the hotel and took "the last supper." I tried many kinds of cakes and desserts.
April 28: Now, we will fly back to Japan. The flight is 9:30 a.m., but as we were told to get the airport as soon as possible, we checked out the hotel without taking breakfast.
Just turning around a street, we arrived the International terminal within five minutes.
The terminal is under the last spurt of remodeling. By the start of the Olympic Game, it will be changed out of all recognition.
Swimming Kingdom Australia is now in the last touch of cleaning.
In Japan, a Golden Week (consecutive holidays) will start tomorrow. I was not sure if this may results in so sparse passengers on the flight back to Japan. I could fully relaxed in the cabin by sleeping on four seats or watching a movie (The Pianist on the boat.) The 9-hour flight was over at last and landed Tokyo in the evening. Our one-month travel to Australia was now over.