April 18-22: Food
On April 18, we arrived Fortland Diplomat Hotel in Alice Springs in the rain. I found a set of tea in the room. I was delighted.
Soon, we enjoyed afternoon tea. I have completely got into the habit of afternoon tea since we entered Australia.
Now, we will go out for the first dinner in Alice Springs. Of course, there are restaurants in the hotel, but we wanted to eat something unusual. I was lured by a word "The Spirit of the Outback!" in a guidebook I got at the airport. We visited Overlanders Steakhouse restaurant.

The interior was filled with the atmosphere of the settlement days.

At first, we were asked our nationality. By hearing our answer, the table manager soon stood a Japanese flag on the table. Looking around other tables, I found various national flags such as UK, German, Switzerland, Israel, and of course, Australia. A flag of Alice Springs was on a table around which local young people were cerebrating a birthday party.
We ordered special menu according to the suggestion of the manager: The Famous "Drovers Blowout" that included a platter consisting, from center to clockwise, crocodile vol au vent, emu medallion, kangaroo fillet, and camel fillet. The second dish was grilled Barramudi fish fillet.

I felt something unusual when I imagined the original shapes of the meats. I was surprised to find that the crocodile meat was unexpectedly tasty.
This is grilled Barramundi fish fillet. The color of the fillet is beautiful white, but the taste was flat. My husband said he recalled a fish dish he had eaten in Brazil many years ago.
The large plastic bin contains cool tasty water. This looks to be Alice Springs way of service.

We finished up the dinner with dessert in desert: I took Pavlova topped with good meringue and my husband tasted apple pie.

The first day was cold and rainy, but the night went on without big trouble. I wish it would be fine tomorrow.
April 19, the second day, dawned rain as well. We were disappointed. We had nothing to do except enjoy eating.

We took breakfast in the hotel restaurant. As there were no green vegetables at all, I took many kinds of fruits instead.

We entered "Keler' Swiss & Indian Dish" next door to the hotel. It was mysterious why curried dishes and Switzerland dishes could be served in the same restaurant. My husband took a curried dish and I tried a Switzerland home dish. A large bottle of water was served here as well.

April 21, the fourth day in the city. The rain will not stop all day long. From today, Good Friday, Australian people take consecutive five holidays (Easter) until Anzac Day. Almost all shops will be closed, they say. More than 90% shops in Todd Mall are closed. Most sightseeing visitors are at a loss how to spend continuous rainy days. We have no place to go as well. As the road was closed, one of our targets to visit Ayers Rock was cancelled. On a miserable day like this, we decided to try a Turkish restaurant across the street. I have been interested in the lumps of roast meat in the kitchen visible from the street through the wind every time I passed by.

Rotating skewers roast lamb (left) and chicken (right.) We soon ordered both of them.
I was delighted to find a large volume of green salad on the dish. The green bottle holds tasty cooled water as well. Many guests came in and out all day long.

In Alice Springs in the rain, I enjoyed many kinds of dish around the world.