April 13: Barossa Valley
Just before noon, a sightseeing bus picked us up and headed to Barossa Valley.

On the way, the bus stopped at "Toy Factory." So many wonderful wooden toys were sold at the shop. In a backyard was an emu.
We-were-there-picture; the bus driver and my husband in front of the factory. A milepost directs cities around the world, 5,000 Km to Tokyo.
‚ą‚ĖToy Factory boast of its "The world-largest rocking horse" that stands 18.3 meters in height. Visitors can climb to the top of the horse using inner stairways. I soon tried it.
A view from the top reveals open hills spreading far away to Barossa Valley we go.

Grape farm in Barossa Valley under harvesting. Slopes here and there grow wonderful grape fruits. In other fields, however, grow still young seedlings. It supposed to be that the different kinds of grape would result in the difference of harvest season.
We arrived a long cherished winery at last: Seppelt (http://www.seppelt.com.au) is one of largest wineries in the valley.
Passing by large barrel, we were introduced to a semi-underground corridor to taste wine. Above us are a lot of huge casks stretching as far as eye can reach.
I enjoyed tasting starting from sparkling wine to, dry white, red, sweet white, and sweet red.
After all, I prefer dry to others. I picked up a package of wine of three kinds for souvenir.
The pack of dry white, sweet white, and sweet red is very heavy, but I will do my best to carry them back all the way to Japan, expecting a pleasant party in my son's house in Tokyo.