April 10: From Melbourne to Adelaide
The day has come to leave Melbourne, which become a memorable city by meeting many Internet friends. I wish I could visit the city again.

Before heading to the airport, we again went out of the hotel to see the last look of the beautiful city. Behind the pretty rose fence is the Park Hyatt Melbourne we stayed for five days.

We walked out of the hotel and entered the City Circle to visit the Windsor Hotel. Across the street is the State Parliament House of NSW. Beyond the hotel and turning the corner, I found Hard Rock Cafe. They sell commemorative T-shirts of the year 2000.
In the sparse morning street, a large manned-cleaning car is cleaning the pavement.
A florist displays pods of lovely flowers on the pavement. Some of them can't be seen in Japan.
Window-shopping is one of my favorite pleasures. In a tableware shop, I found some pieces of Japanese-like tableware such as sake bottle with sake cup, chopstick, and Chinese spoon. It was new for me to find them here in Melbourne.
We called a taxi and headed to the airport. Good-bye beautiful Melbourne that features a splendid harmony of old buildings and new ones.
I took a snack at the airport. I wear my favorite T-shit of embroidered Melbourne tram I loved so much.
Before boarding, I took power from the wall outlet and made some parts of the homepage.

I wonder when I can publish them.