April 4: The Opera House night
As the concierge said the tickets we asked were booked, we dressed up and went out to the Circular Quay. The light of the buildings reflects on the wave, giving beautiful scenery.
We took a dinner at a restaurant on the wharf. A guest next to me was eating heaped salad. As we felt a shortage of taking vegetable, my husband learned him and ordered a similar dish. It was a great dish as we expected.

I took a dish of rock oyster. The taste was simple and good as oyster itself.
On the wall of the entrance of the Hose are many programs on stage.
There are three theaters in the House. The largest one is for opera, second one is for ballet, and smallest one is for drama.

We enjoyed a drama theater program. In the lobby is a display of the model of the House. The shell-like design was materialized from such spherical prototype. I was moved to know that.

On the left are the preliminary sketches and on the right is a scale model of the House. I made up my mind to join a guided tour of the House.