April 1-2, 2000: From Oita to Sydney
The long cherished day has come at last. A taxi came up before sundown to pick us up. We got on a connection bus from Oita City to Fukuoka airport. Yes, we will visit Australia from now.
We got on Skymark flight for the first time from Fukuoka to Tokyo Haneda airport.
From Haneda airport, we got on a Keikyu train to Narita airport. Until departure, we relaxed at a lounge of a credit card company by looking brochures and guidebooks on Australia.
Just before the check-in, we picked up our two large suitcases we had sent in advance to the airport through a delivery company.
All of the passengers fly to Sydney! So many kids are already making noise by the expectation of the travel during their spring holiday season.
The flight took off a few minutes behind the schedule. Soon the dinnertime has come. The menu: smoked salmon, sweet-boiled sea bream and tofu, boiled rice mixed with dried young sardines, fresh salad, roll bread, and pineapple jelly. I took French white wine for drink.

I fell asleep before I knew. The cabin light was lit and I opened my eye to find a sundown outside.
The plane crossed the equator in the midnight and we are now flying over Australian land. After a simple breakfast, I landed Sydney airport at a few minuets after seven in the morning.

My watch still shows six, but the time difference is an hour. I soon adjusted my watch. Unfortunately, the sky of Sydney didn't smile at me. Autumn rain is quietly falling. I was quarantined for my cold medicine for a short time and entered Australia safely.

The airport is under the final stage of construction for Olympic Game to be held in September. What days will be opened from today, I am expecting for it very much.