June 22, 2000: The 26th YMF preparation started
An executive committee of the 26th Yufuin Music Festival was held today at Kotokoto-ya teahouse in Yufuin. The festival starts from now as usual year.
The staff has met for the first time in one year. The friendly meeting started including new staffs.
Mr. Masakuni Kato, general secretariat of YMF, first explained the outline of the 26th YMF. He also introduced good news saying, "Some of the young artists who joined past YMFs won one after another wonderful awards in recent music competitions held in Europe.
I was assigned as usual to a manager of the female group. We discussed and decided respective roles of the staffs during the Festival.
Tonight's works were: preparing for money gathering from the supporters, delivery of the program, and checking of YMF T-shirts.
Each of the T-shirt of the year has a "2000" mark on its sleeve, meaning the cerebration of the millennium. Don't miss to get it!
There are many colors, my husband got a sober gray shirt and I bought pale pink one.
Brilliant colored posters were ready to distribute. They will be sent to music offices throughout Japan. I got two of each red and white for PR in my group in Oita.

One of the pleasures of the meeting in Kotokoto-ya is coffee served by wonderful cups of Reemerge.

After the preparation meeting, the main staffs talked about how to adjust the preparation schedule. We enjoyed pleasant chatting until late at night.

The next steering committee will be held on June 27.

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