August 5, 2000: How to make Tokoroten
A "real summer" is hot, hot, and hot. On a day like those, a cool snack is best welcomed. I remember a good material I got before from one of my close friends.

Here you are. This is "Tengusa (an agar weed)", a special product of Kamae town. I am going to make Tokorotenn (gelidium jelly, made into thin strips and eaten with vinegar) from now.

First of all, Tengusa is thoroughly washed by fresh water, eliminating dust and impurities. Squeeze it well and put into a pod.
Simmer well with occasional stirring until the ingredient becomes sticky a little.
Well, it's a good time to stop simmering. Filter it with cloth on the sieve.

Cool it down in the refrigerator to get such a product.
Here, a special tool to "push out" the product is needed. Unfortunately, I couldn't get it and had no other choice but to slice it with a knife.
Soybean sauce, Kabosu citrus juice, kneaded mustard, and chopped leek are served with Tokoroten for a nice cool snack in hot summer.

The filtered liquid can be reused, they say. So I added water to it and simmered again well to make a jelly by mixing with small pieces of fruits. The mixture will be left in a refrigerator for a while.

Here, you can get sweet fruit jelly like this.

I enjoyed twice today.