July 20, 2000: "Life Exhibition" opens today.
National Group of Friends celebrates the 70th anniversary of its foundation this year. To commemorate it, Oita Branch opens "Life Exhibition" today. The Branch members shared the car and headed to the site in Rainbow Building. Here is a large guide on the entrance of the hall. It is still before nine, but many people are working hard already for the opening.
At nine a.m., we have a regular "morning meeting" centered by Ms. Takahashi, the leader of actual working group. "Good morning everybody. The day has come at last."

General leader Matoba "We have been working hard until today. Let's welcome the guests smartly."
after the meeting, we look around for the final check. Ihara arranges a sample of "breakfast." As she has been rehearsed many times, the result is very good.
The tea corner is set up as well. There are many kinds of cold drinks. Toujou and Nishinaka will serve the guests.

I got an interview with a reporter Hiraki of OBS, one of the sponsors this time.

She looks around the exhibition. On air from 9:40, I appealed the listeners to come and join us together with your families.
"I strongly hope that many people will come today and see the homemade Exhibition prepared by housewives" Hiraki commented. I was really delighted. After the air we took a picture, from left Nojiri, me, and Hiraki.
The Exhibition opened at ten. The first guest was Mr. Hoashi, a reporter from political section of United Oita Press. Matoba explains how the life pattern of time-sharing in a day has been changed past forty years. He looks to be interested in it. On the newspaper is an article of today's Exhibition.
Ms. Hayama from Kyushu Central Committee came up. "Congratulations on your great Exhibition." All of us were moved deeply.
Lively guests showed up, the member of Kitakyushu Branch. I used to be a member of it when I had moved and lived in the city with my husband.

They said the site was very clean and the contents of the Exhibition was beautiful and rich. I was very delighted. From left, me, Nogami, Noguchi, and Morinaga. I also met with young Mrs. Naoki and her children for the first time. She has accessed our homepage recently and we have been exchanging E-mails. It was a nice meeting.
I found many enthusiastic guests in the hall.
This is "Children corner." Many families are enjoying clay kneading or fancy playing together with the staff around the big table.
PC corner attracts many guests as well. Somebody sit and look the screen all the time and enjoying our web pages of Oita Branch. Watanabe explains the Internet to Nogami from Kitakyushu Branch.
Matoba and a member from Nagoya Branch look at the homepage (left.) On the screen is a scene of Ryouzen hill and Oita River. We designed a commemorative tapestry based on that scenery. My husband appeared as well (right.)
The Exhibition site is filled with many guests looking around very eagerly. I took a break with a cup of cold tea.
A "small class" starts at 11:00 a.m. Yakushiji and Matsumura from Akeno Branch demonstrate how to prepare simple snack of "rice cake covered with soybean flour" and "carrot jelly." Many children, fathers, and mothers watch the presentation.
After the small class, Yamada performed a picture-story show "Think about peace in Okinawa." The theme was a little bit hard to small children, but adults were deeply moved.
The sales stands are crowded with many people as well.
Mrs. Ohga from Saeki Branch and Mrs. Tominaga try to wear cloths made in Bangladesh.
On the house account corner, young guests are reading petty cash books eagerly.
The staffs take lunch in turn. At a small crowded corner behind the screen, they take short break after long standing services since early in the morning.
In the afternoon, many families with small children appeared in twos and threes. "What time did you get up this morning?" "With whom did you take breakfast?" The answer seals are affixed on a questionnaire board.
On the environmental corner, some samples of the reuse of discarded articles are displayed, such as a handbag from the waste cloth of umbrella, a container from waste vinyl box, and a stool from milk pack and waste newspaper.
Nakatsu Branch members brought in a lot of bean cookie to the sales corner.
The last guests left the hall around five p.m. The first day was over anyway. We had a close meeting from 5:15 p.m.
Takahashi explains the preparation for tomorrow Exhibition and we confirmed to do our best.
Actual foods displayed can't be left here. It was hard to clean the table.

Today, we had about 280 adults and some 40 children today, a staff reported.
We hope many guests will come tomorrow as well.

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