May 17: Making a tapestry (part2), by Mie
After a long time, I joined a regular meeting of "seniors' Group of Friend" today.

First, a member reported about the meeting result of Kyushu block which had been held during I was traveling around Australia last month.
She summarized two-day meeting program on a large paper.
After that, we resumed making a tapestry for the commemoration of 70th anniversary of Group of Friends. Last time, each of us brought back nine small patches cloth to make a square block respectively. Today, we put them together on the design sheet and added the final touch of the color adjustment.
We discussed how to arrange the blocks by stitching up or undoing them to get the better product.
We then cooked rice and prepared "thick-rolls" of sushi and enjoyed the lunch together with take-in dishes.
In the afternoon, we talked over how to stitch up the final tapestry. We decided to bring the blocks back home again and make them into a long shape.

We confirmed the schedule down to the completion by consulting with a calendar on the wall.
I soon sewed together in home small patches into a long piece. The piece will be combined at the bottom of the final product. The block became prettier when I ironed it. Next time, we will put all the blocks together into the final size. I am expecting it. (Continued)

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