COARA WWW-diary!

                       using shift-jis kanji
Welcome to COARA's WWW service.
COARA is in Oita Prefecture,Japan. This is like a service of Internet Multimedia Diary.
 if you wish japanese, please click HERE!  I am sorry ,we create many japanese Home-pages,but English-version is not so many,,,
Let's enjoy Oita .
One person One Home-page!
 This is a new trial! One Person One Homepage!
 These homepages are presented by each Internet user of COARA.
Process the "my.html" located in your "fat.coara" directory as you please.
 You won't be let down! Here anyone can send out information. (Next is the information exchange! )94/11/24

Here is the Net-surfing! Let's all Net-Surf together!!
 A DEBUT!!The homepage of Beppu City is HERE !
 Let's all exchange interesting information by One Person One Homepage .

Personal computer correspondence with the New COARA!
 This is the most interesting part! It is only a world of letters, but this is the origin of COARA's energy!

COARA WWW message board.
 Please write down by "cafe coara".

Aim for the network of the future , Hypernet!
 Looking forward to the future with the experiments of NTT and related activities of Institute for the Hyper Network Society .
We are now recruiting businesses, organizations and private users who would like to endorse the construction of an Oita Hypernet!

we are now experimenting with Heart Avenue!
 What is interesting? How can we make it more exciting? We would like to receive your opinions.

●'94/12/4, Multimedia Association of Japan (MMA) awarded COARA English!
  1. '94 Multimedia Grand Prix Network Department award of excellence!
  2. Our governor won the MMA's special award. Morihiko Hiramatsu, Governor of Oita Prefecture is the honorable chairperson of COARA.

 "COARA WWW-diary" first started with a report of Prime Minister Murayama's residence and any other event in a diary-style summary on WWW.

  1. August 7th in 1994 94/8/17 diary japanese  (Snapshots and detail of JAZZ Festival in Beppu Bay)
  2. August 4th in 1994 94/8/4 diary english  (My town Iwata-machi. I , Tooru Ono, 'm walking around.)
  3. July 26th in1994 94/7/26 diaryenglish  (The place of JAZZ Festival, Prime minister Mr Murayama's house, Yufuin, and COARA Office)

The WWW Cafe COARA Internet Shop is now open.
 OBS Radio station has been broadcasting a "Cafe COARA". Media Mix program every Tuesday evening from 9:00 to 10:00 since last October 11.
   There is a sample of radio voice. 94/11/24

HomePage in Oita

●In addition
For those of you who want to learn more about COARA's past, present and future,
click here for more details!

 1. Introduction of the COARA Office.
 2. Rules and regulations of the organization. We are waiting for your application!

●Users of COARA, we are now accepting registration information in the menu.

Let's put your diaries and Hyper infomation into this menu. It is also OK to file up your home directories with "fat.coara" in order to branch off.

In some cases, there is also the possibility to bring in information to the COARA Server (shown in this sentence) of the Information Center offline. (However, this will take some working time at the office.) In this case, please contact the office at

In addition, you can imput not only diary-style information but corporate summaries, dissertaion announcements, reports, exhibitions, private shows, album announcements, etc. Anything is OK! we are expecting the menu to fill up with various kinds of information. The following persons are giving data consultation and working on execution. (tel0975-33-7870)