Oita Sightseeing Guide Series

  Now the most popular spot for sightseeing is

prime minister Tomiichi Murayama's house

 His house is

near Soft ParkIt takes about 5 minutes from Soft Park, where COARA's host computer is settled. Town's name is Chiyo-machi. Over two streets from there, you can see the largest entertainment district in Oita. It's called "Miyako-machi".  I always apper there. So I'll show you it. I took it 7/4 Sun.

Face of the gate. There is a celeblation messege from neighborhood association.

A police car was in front of his house. When I took a picture, a policeman got out of the car.

He asked me politely "What is your porpose to take pictures? What's your name? Where are you from? What's your occupation?" I said to him that I was asked to take some pictures of Mr.Murayama's house. What's the earth could I say that it's for Internet.

Surrounding is like this. I want to do electoric construction over.

On the other side of the streets, a extra-police box has already been settled.

 It's in daytime. If you drink at Miyako-machi and visit his house, What's happen on you . . . . .  This is Oita's new spot! Thank you.

But Mr Murayama lives in Tokyo, now. The informations of his living place in Tokyo is Here you click,Prime minister's Official ResidenceYou can go.