the report of Multimedia Grand Prix '94

It presented under the sponsorship of Multimedia Association of Japan Foundati on (MMA , the chairman : Takumasa Yamamoto), and the Ministry of International T rade and Industry as the joint auspices. This is one and only international cont est of the multimedia works. That's why this contest drew the attention. Being t he traditional contest, it have been held 9 times.  1. CG class 2. High definition TV class 3. Movies and Exhibitioon class 4. Video class "the most valuable plize" winner in this four classes, is selected as "The pri ze of the Chairman of MMA Work " And through both of two, as a biggest prize for individual, "the prize of the Ch airman of MMA" is offered. As three prizes for the producers, "MMA artist prize(for a artist)" "MMA technical prize (for technician in hard and soft)" "MMA special prize(for a person concerned bloadly about multimedia)"
The Result

1. Packge class The most valuable prize

Title of the work : "Pop Up Computer"(CD-ROM) Winner : Salubulunei Inc. ,Asch Inc. ,TV Tokyo Inc.
( The center of this picture is Mr.Matsumoto in Sulubulinei Inc. He is nice. Offered by the news of TOS TV Oita.)

2. Movies and Exhibition class The most valuable prize

Title of the work : Interactove Plant Growing Winner : Mr. Christa Sommerer (Australia) Mr.Laurent Mignonneau (France) NTT

3. Network class The most valuable prize

(This is a trophy.) Title of the work : COARA WWW-diary Winner : New COARA (Granted a certificate of commendation : snap 1 : Offered by the news of TOS TV Oita.) (Granted a certificate of commendation : snap 2 : Offered by the news of TOS TV Oita.) "Pop Up Computer" was awarded "Gran Prix, the prize of the Minister of Internati onal Trade and Industry", which was selected from these three works.

1. CG class the most valuable prize

Title of the work : TABLEAUD'AMOUR Winner : AGAVE S.A (France)

2. High definition TV class the most valuable prize

Title of the work : Graphity War Winner : Tokyo Broadcast Inc. REBO Studio (America)

3. Movies and Exhibition class

Only Audio-Visual special prize and Encouraged prize winner were selected.

4. Video class

Only Audio-Visual special prize winner were selected. And "Graphity War" was awarded "the Cairman of MMA Work prize", which was selected from these four works. (As a whole, less of the most valuable prize would show that freshness and depth of Interactive works, which is new field, are pushing noninteractive class.) And as the top of a prize for individual, Mr. Daizaburo Harada was awarded "the Chairman of MMA prize". He is a representative of CG aodio-visual producer in Japan, as well as Mr. Yoichiro Kawaguchi who often comes to Oita. His comment was showed by Video, he is now working in the west coast of the United State and having his office there.

Mr. Osamu Sato was awarded "MMA artist prize"

He was commented that he was a very creator and did show his existence, everyone recognized him called "Mr." and he was the pride of our country. He was sitting next to me. In fact, he wore a black and too large clothing, sports shoes with yellow shoelaces and his hair close-cropped. I really felt his Existence!

Mr. Yu Suzuki of Sega Enterprise Inc. was awarded "MMA technical prize"

As a creator of "Virtual Fighter", he was commented that he had a latest technique to express 3DCG.

Mr. Morihiko Hiramatsu, our governor and also the honorary president of NewCoara, was awarded "MMA special prize".

(Our governor said the words of greeting and thanks through WWW. Offerd by the news of TOS TV Oita.) This prize started last year but no one came under this prize last year. Between judges, it was said that the first winner would influence on next, so they had to select carefully. And at last, Governor Hiramatsu was selected as the first winner of this prize. (The trophy of the MMA specialprize) Reason for this prize is

For his achievement of starting multimedia from a local area.

He had acted substantially as a planner of the electronics of Japan and the first chief of the electronic policy section in the Ministry of International Trade and Industry. And after he backed to Oita, he turned his attention to importance of intelligent circulation. He set up Institute for Hyper Network Association and arranged the leased circuits for the people in Oita. He is the first person who started multimedia from a local area. For New COARA, he have supported COARA as the honorary president of New Coara without any words, and the acheivement from his hard work and advanced policy of multimedia sent from Japan to abroad is great. Saying this prize, it was a key that governor Hiramatsu was the honorary president of New Coara. This led him awarded. Everyone! We won! Well, network class New COARA was awarded is ......from the guide paper....

the awarded work

Network class starts this year. 17 works were enterd with nominated works. The works of ISDN, HDTV, public circuit, CATV, Internet, a satellite and various network were gathered. Eager works of Homepage of Internet were entered by Toyo Engineering and ASCII etc. And Tamagawa school and Kyoto plastic arts college etc entered the works of exchange class using network between schools. The most valuable prize in this class, "COARA WWW-diary" won this prize. It was entered to the public class. New COARA was highly estimated "Utility of network by a citizen" and "Individual participation to network" (This is the trophy.)

Title of the work : COARA WWW-diary

Winner : New COARA

The content of this work "COARA WWW-diary" is produced from a premise that how to make the most of WWW service for citizen's life. WWW service is expanding its users like hot cakes but most of its users are business or academic. So New COARA produced a homepage "COARA WWW-diary" using this service. In this homepage, each member's self-making data containing pictures are upped on the board like thier diary. Taking in Internet, now becoming standard computer network web in the word, in citizen's life, They try to promote the use of electoric network in their daily life. Prize Title of work Company                         Image Factory Limited. Entertainment       M-clip Pasral Corp.  work prize       "RAMPO" Syochiku Eiga "RAMPO"      Producing committee. Nifty Inc. Business prize BBCC BBCC Specific AP English school at home Educational System. Public prize NTT NTT Inc. WWW Information server The overseas Hotwired wired supirior prize Special prize Virtual soccer with Player Kodomo Media in Yokohama Marinos study association -------------------------------------------------------------------- (Both of the trophies) We small and weak COARA group won the prize against NTT WWW server, the represe ntative of Japan. From the comment of judge, they selected New COARA unanimously.There weren't any objections. This started when Mr.Kanamori called me in the middle of September, "Why don't you enter WWW COARA-diary to public class" I answered "Yes, yes.", but I was surprised when I saw the matter in paper from MMA it said we had to produce video picture for application. So after the meeting of WWW study in September 15, Miss Misako, Mr.Takemoto and Mr. Hoashi hardly produced the video picture at the studio of Digital Work Heart. Probably other works were entered like this. After this , I forgot this work because of too much business of a information-oriented season. Mr. Ito of MMA secretariat called me at the second week in November. "Be glad Mr. Ono. New COARA won the most valuable prize." "What? What are you talking about? Is it true?" "It's true, of course. Trust me. Anyway, New COARA is highly regarded. " "Hum...That of?.......I can't believe." After this talking, we had to remake the video picture for presentation at the awarded ceremony. It was November 20. Thank you all the stuff. Mr. Ito said "That girl(This is Miss Misako) is excellent. Her explanation is so clear and nice." "Yes. She is a dentistry artificial-teeth maker." "Really?........" And he said "Thank you very much..... By the way, Is this prize from a connection?" "No, no, Mr.Ono.I am like a family with COARA, so I could not say highly evaluation, but others really highly appreciated COARA. It's your merit. You got it by your own merit." I fact, a judge said "In Oita,I think, as they have full of accumulated know-how of network, so now they have WWW COARA-diary. " All the member of New COARA! In this way, we won this prize. The trophies we given are heavy crystal glass. The COARA's one is 30 cm high, and the other one Mr. Hiramatsu awarded was 20 cm high. Anyhow, I enjoyed! This is all. I'll write detail next time. Any comment about this Gran Prix is..... At first, enter with "telenet" and go"Top menu / TOP" to "Main menu / MAIN".Next, enter "Town / Communication town (forum town)" to "1st room (#01 / Open forum / COARA)Forum". And select "A100 / cafe town COARA / CAFE2" and rea d No.703.
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