Please fasten your seat belt, and we wish you a very pleasant flight to ...

Ajimu, Japan


Algeciras, Spain


Alger, Algeria


Amman, Jordan


Amsterdam, Netherlands

Boat, Tulips, Gogh Museum

Ankara, Turkey


Annaba, Algeria

Annaba, to Alger

Aso, Japan

near Aso Station, inside Aso Station

Aswan, Egypt

Aswan, Abu Simbel

Auvers-sur-Oise, France

Auvers-sur-Oise, Juillet 1890

Beijing, China


Benghazi, Libya


Beppu, Japan

Overview, Lake, Tower, AMF98, AMF99, Birthday, at YOKOSO, NewYear, duo CD, Happy wedding, Electricity paper, Oitagodoshimbun paper, Excursion, 5thAMF, AMF04, AMF05, Jazz inn, Double Awards, New adults, Shincho, AMF06, NishinihonNewspaper, Foundation, Order, AMF07, AMF07-2, 07JISHIN, Ontomo07, AMF07oc, le bouquet08, 10th Anniversary, Ontomo08, on 10thAMF, BeppuwanSA, '09AMF, NHK Live, AMF10, YOKOSO, YURO, Kannawa, AMF10, AMF2011, MMA, AMF11, MA/Beppu, AMF11-2, AMF11-3, AMF2012, at AMF2014, new arrival, around 50 "days" old, 20thAMF

Bosporus, Turkey

Shuttle boat along Bosporus channel

Boston, US

In a street, RedSox'07

Bourgogne, France

in search of good meal & wine

Brattleborough, Vermont, US

Dormitory, People

Brugge, Belgium


Bruxelles, Belgium

Bruxelles, Bruxelles2, Bruxelles3, Bruxelles4, Bruxelles5, Bruxelles6, Bruxelles7, Bruxelles8, Bruxelles9

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Av. Nueve de Julio, Piano Competition, The Jury, Chamber Music Concert, Teatro Colon, Caminito, Caminito2, tango

Cairo, Egypt

Apartment, Arabic, Arabic magazine "Jamila", L.L., Pyramid and Sphinx, in front of Pyramid, Saqqara, at Night, Pyramid in the morning, AUC's new campus, AUC Downtown

Cappadocia, Turkey

Overview, "Shelters", Inside

Cheyenne, US

to dinner

Chicago, US

from a rose garden

Damascus, Syria

Overview, Mosque, Palmira

Davos, Switzerland


Deauville, France

in the fog

Fes, Morocco

Overview, Stores

Freudenstadt, Germany

near Freudenstadt

Fukuyama, Japan

Just married

Geneva, Switzerland

GATT, Delegation du Japon, Government Procurement Negotiation, Government Procurement Agreement, IMI seminar, Overview, RAMADA corners, Baby, Geneva07-1, Geneva07-2

Granada, Spain

near Granada, Alhambra, Leaves

Grand Canyon, US


Grindelwald, Switzerland

Go on a picnic

Haleb, Syria


Hawaii, US

on the way home 76

Iskenderun, Turkey


Ismailiya, Egypt

Suez Canal

Istanbul, Turkey

People, Aya Sofia

Jerusalem, Israel

one part, another part, the other part, Dead Sea

Kawasaki, Japan

Noborito, Friends, around Noborito

Kharga Oasis, Egypt

near Asyut, Manufacturers, after Sunset, Desert, People

Kowloon, Hong Kong

Culture Center

Kyoto, Japan

Graduation, "Seiryoden" (Imperial palace), another Graduation

Latakia, Syria


London, UK

Downing St., Royal Opera House, Royal Opera House-2, London-based

Lugano, Switzerland

"8 1/2", AAF

Luxor, Egypt

Luxor, West Bank

Luzern, Switzerland

near the Bridge

Madrid, Spain

Madrid1, Madrid2

Marsa Matruh, Egypt

Seashore, Guests, Employees, "Ajiba! (Wonder!)", Way back to Cairo

Mon-St-Michel, France

Mon St Michel

Mt. Fuji, Japan

at the Top of Mt. Fuji

Nara, Japan


Nevsehir, Turkey


New York, USA

Statue of Liberty, Carnegie Hall

Nile, Egypt


Oita, Japan

Oita coara report on Secretariat for '98, with GEIDAI professors, hotels in Oita pref., from DVD: Bloody Daughter

Oran, Algeria

Oran, to Fes beyond Oujida

Osaka, Japan

APEC, Osaka-Jo Hall, Press Center, Kanku

Paris, France

American Library, "Moveable Feast", IEA/OECD, OCDE, Neuilly-sur-Seine, La Seine, Plan de Paris, Monet, Picasso, Parc de Bagatelle etc., OECD corners, Paris 05, Paris 05-2, Paris 05-3, Paris 06, Paris 06-2, Paris 06-3, Paris 87-91, Paris07, Gare de Lyon, Gare de Lyon2, de Paris07, de Paris09

Petra, Jordan

Path, Shrine in the rock

Rabat, Morocco


Red Sea, Egypt

to Red Sea, Red Sea, near Red Sea

Red Wing, Minnesota, US

People, on a road, Host family

Saiki, Japan


Salzkammergut, Austria

"Sound of Music"

Santa Monica, US

On the wide beach

San Francisco, US

First airport abroad in 1976, The very first hotel abroad, at a suburb town, Greyhound Bus

Senomoto, Japan


Seoul, Korea

in Korean clothes, Cultural exchange '09, Program booklet

Takayama, Japan


Tangier, Morocco


Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv

Tokyo, Japan

Old friends, Happy wedding of relatives', Decoration '05, Old friends 07, Kasumigaseki, 10th Anniversary, new friends, Another happy wedding

Tripoli, Libya

Apartment, Children and Mothers, Neighbors

Tunis, Tunisia

Gate of Old town, Old town, to Annaba

Verbier, Switzerland


Versailles, France


Washington DC, US

People, Smithsonian Institution, Ministerial Agreement

Zillertal, Austria

near Mayrhofen

Ragazza di Bube, Italy

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