The 70th anniversary of OitaGOF  
The 100th anniversary of Females' Friend magazine
Lecture meeting "Can you see the children's heart?"
-- How to the adults should live --

Lecturer: Ryouko Uchida
Panel display
"A century supported by the subscribers" The 100th anniversary of Females' Friends Publisher

May 15 (Sat.) 10:00 (9:30 door open)
Panel display 9:30-14:00
Site: Municipal Compal Hall
Advance ticket 800 Yen, ticket sold on the day 1000 Yen
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January 27, 2004: Preliminary inspection of the site
Our Oita GOF has been preparing from early 2004 fiscal year for the opening of the subscribers' meeting in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Females' Friends magazine.

This time we will open a lecture meeting by Ryouko Uchida together with a panel display.
The general leader has stayed in contact with Uchida on the meeting and committee members of Kyushu Island Block has also been discussing Females' Friends Publisher. This is why we will visit Municipal Compal Hall to look through the site in advance.
Today, a study class was open in the Hall and some panels are on display in the lobby. They are very informative to us.
We will use the whole space of the lobby to demonstrate the panel and book sales of the Females' Friends Publisher's goods.
We checked the lobby and measured in order to plan the layout.
January 24, 2004 at 3:00 p.m.
Site Compal Hall lobby
Checking the site
Report on the items to be discussed with Females' Friends Publisher
On panel display
Attendant: Kuroiwa,Matoba,Tanaka,Shiotsuki,Takeuchi,Araki,Nyuu, and Nagano

March 17, 2004: Ticket distribution
The ticket and handbills were printed. Senior members helped distribute the distribution together with the actual leader and the members on duty.
The general leader checks the letters to be sent out to the local GOF branches.
A seal is put at the joining of two leaves of the ticket.
Each group checks the number of the ticket. The sales will start soon at last.

April 9, 2004: Subscribers' meeting plan
The content leader of the subscribers' meeting reported on the program of the day and the stream of the lecture by Uchida.
The working group prepares so many complicated items of the day and the day before.
The general leader carries the ticket with her for instant sale, she said.

April 20, 2004: On site check with the site manager
The lecture is closing after 25 days. Today, we had a meeting with the site manager.
We look up the site and decide the set up of the site.
The lobby was checked as well.
We will have a thank-you meeting after the lecture. We checked the room and talked about the items to be completed by the day.
The checking work finds no end.
And much more.

We should gather much more guests.

May 7, 2004: The preparation meeting
The meeting was held after the regular meeting of May.
The actual group prepares for the book sale and site map making.
The banners were ready at last.
The panels are also completed.
Oita Godo Press, a local paper, reported on the lecture meeting in detail. They will report it on the paper. We are very glad to hear it.
report by Nagano
May 14, 2004: The day before
The subscribers' lecture meeting opens tomorrow at last. We visited the site in the afternoon for the final check.
Kouseido book store in downtown Oita helps Females' Friends Publisher to sell many books at the site.
We first set up the stage by decorating many ornaments that tell the atmosphere of the Subscribers' club.
On the four large panels are the pictures of the books currently being published from the publisher.
Banners will be set up on the right of the stage. The management staff members of Municipal Compal Hall helped us.

The stage was set up beautifully at last.
We strongly hope that many guests will come and join us to look through the set ups.
The lobby is set up as well.
Mr. Yamashita from the publisher worked together with us.
The panels were finally set up in right position.
A short break with homemade cakes. We expect manu guests tomorrow.
Many direction boards are also required.
reported by Nagano

May 15, 2004: The day
The day has come at last.
At 8:00 in the morning, we visited the hotel in which the lecturer Ryouko Uchida stays. We had a short meeting there and headed tot he site together with Mr. Yamashita of Females' Friends Publisher.
At 9:10, I introduced the lecturer to the staff.
After the final checking we put ourselves in the position.
Wild flowers are beautifully set in the vase on the stage. Fresh green leaves decorate the stage.
At 9:30, the guests have entered in the hall. The receptionists are in tension.
The panels appeal our thinking to the guests.

Good air flows in the hall.
The book sellers gather many guests as well.
At 10:50, the general leader makes a few words in the beginning.
Mr. Yamashita appealed vividly that they would like to continue the good relationship with the subscribers into the coming 100 years.
The lecture has started. The lecturer's mother had been a member of Ichikawa Group of Friends.
The audience listen to the lecture very carefully by taking memo.
"Can you see the heart of the kids?" Many audience nodded to the lecture from the stand point of the kids. "Home is the rest place of the kids." This word was very impressive.
The lecturer covered much more on home, kids, and adults. It was very good and many participants today were deeply moved.
The lecture was over in success. Many guests looked around the book stand and panels.
Newly built our GO'S house was in display as well.
Many guests joined the lecture meeting all around Kyushu Island.
From 1:00 p.m. we had a lunch together with the lecturer Uchida.

Some 40 members joined the lunch.
Frank discussions were exchanged.
The lecturer helped us by resolving many questions. Time passed so quickly and the ending time has come at 3:00 p.m.
After that, individual consulting was made in another room.
During the afternoon meeting, the book stand and panel display were still open to the guests. The members in charge were busy during the open hours until 14:00. After close, they cleaned up the site and saw off the lecturer.

Thanks to many guests, staff, and others, the lecture meeting was over in success. Thank you very much to all.
report by Nagano