September 23,2008: Autumn in Kujuu highland

We had a regular "Senior GOF meeting" at Ms.Yamada's house in Kujuuu highland. We five visited her by my car. Full bloom cosmos flower welcomed us.
Wonderful herb tea refreshed us.
We read some lines from "Faith chapter" of Motoko Hani's work. After the reading, we took brought-in lunch.
So many dished made us happy.

Cooked rice including propagula especially of yam, boiled vegetables,marinated cucumber and egg plant, and special dish of the highland. Japanese style roll cabbage in the white dish and Mozuku(a seaweed of the family Spermatochnaceae, considered a delicacy when seasoned with vinegar),Fu(a breadlike food made of wheat gluten),clear soup of Japanese ginger,and fig compote.
Much sweet dishes.
Murasaki Shikibu flower in the garden.
We then enjoyed chestnut-gathering.

Beautiful chestnuts were here and there.
Autumn crops.
The crops will decorate my dinner.
The highland was ready for winter coming soon.
September senior meeting
Site: Kujuuu Branch
Hymn #30
Reading:"Strong vs. weak world", Faith chapter.
Discussions about senior group, family account course preparation, and others.