November 1, 2005: Family Budget Study Class (FBSC)
Beautiful autumnal flower vases welcomed us in the morning. The flowers were picked up in the garden of the members.
Lunch preparation has already started in the kitchen.
Regular sale was held in the conference room on the second floor. Homemade bread, cookies, pudding and more were on the table for sale.
Regular research of "Let's keep your family budget" activity was summed up on the board. Those who could do it can attach the seal on the board.
Autumn has arrived at the entrance as well.
The regular meeting started at ten in the morning.
Today's in-charge groups were Wasada and Kujuu.
FBSC contents were discussed seriously. The first theme was "Would you like to join Eco Campaign?" In order to keep the environment healthy, we study what we can do for that starting from the control of the waste water from the kitchen and kitchen garbage disposal.
"Toward the sixth account book" was the theme of a member whose husband was working apart from the family.
" On retirement and family budget" was the presentation by the wife whose husband retired last year. She told about how to live her life from now on.

Each generation knows the importance of keeping their family account and they hope to appeal it to as many visitors as possible.
Oita Branch was in charge of this year's FBSC. One of the members made the result report.
The regular meeting was over after singing "Wild flowers."
After the meeting, we enjoyed lunch as usual.
Oita GOF
reported by: Nagano