September 20-22, 2005: Open House
We had Kyushu Block Meeting at Oita Century Hotel from today through September 22nd. Our Oita GOF was in charge of the preparation and management of the meeting. We worked hard in Oita house.
On this chance, we invited many members from every Kyushu Block to our Oita GOF house. We set many wild flower pods in the house.
This is the entrance of the house. On the wall were large old nameplate and the commemorative picture taken at the completion ceremony.
Many panels illustrated our daily activities.
This is the panel of Life Section.
Three years have passed since our GOF was constructed. The construction process and our homepage were introduced on the wall.

The introduction of the working members.

Senior group introduction.
Public working section introduction.
Kids daycare room on the second floor.
Mother's study panels.
We welcomed so many members from local groups today. We enjoyed pleasant exchange in the hall over tea and homemade snacks.
Executive committee from Tokyo and Kyushu block joined us today and took we-were-there-pictures.
On September 21 and 22, Kyushu Block Meeting of 2005 was held at Oita Century Hotel in central Oita. We have had very fruitful discussions.
Thank you very much for your hard work.
We hope this time experience will be useful for our activities after tomorrow.
report by Nagano