August 2, 2005: Regular meeting
A person in charge family budget asked the attendants, "Have you finished up your add-up of July of your house account?" We had August regular meeting today. As it was just the second day of the month, I was worrying about the completion of the add-up, but I was relieved by knowing that many attendants have already done it.
The summer heat was strong early in the morning today as well. In the kitchen, the cookers were soaked with sweat in frying pumpkin croquettes for lunch.
We welcomed three guests from Beppu Branch today. The regular meeting started as usual. Today's theme was "Thinking about children." The reading lines were "Life is education" from Home Education Series.
Some members of "Infants-having mothers group" reported that the life pattern of the children was changed greatly by becoming grade school pupil, but when they made time plan such as back to home, dinner, and go to bed. The children were able to spend good life by thinking themselves.
The summer experience report was held at a member's house in Kuju highland on July 30. The result was reported today.
They made bamboo rowels taught by member's husband. The product was published in 2003 April edition of Females' Friends.
National Group Of Friend meeting on July 19-20 was reported as well from three members, kids research by Matoba, family budget research by Kasai and Nagano.
A challenge to The Guinness Book of Records will be held on coming August 7 all through Oita City. The theme is "Clean up the City." This is the campaign T-shirt delivered from the municipal Office.
Many attendants will join the campaign on that day.
Today's day care was 11 kids including grade school kids.
After the meeting, we took lunch as usual.
picture: Nagano,Araki
report by Nagano