June 2, 2005: Wax up GOF house
Today is a working day for waxing up the floor of GOF house. Before the work, we sang a hymn and then reconfirmed the step.
Only the first floor will be waxed today. All the small items on the floor were moved aside.
Then we cleaned up the floor by the cleaning machine.
The next step was to wipe up the floor with tightly squeezed mops. The dirt should be removed thoroughly.
Then we polished the floor with dry mops.
In the end, non-woven cloth was used to remove dust by electrostatic effect.
Water wax was then resolved in a bucket to dip the mops. The waxing started at last.
The knack was to wax the corners and edges of the room then paint the wax perpendicular to the veins of the board. We took a break until the first wax was dried up.
Today, the weather was rainy unfortunately. We started the air conditioner to dry position and waited for about 30 minutes. During the drying, we enjoyed a snack and chatting.
The leader of today's waxing, Ms. Inoue, wears such an interesting cloth which was good for knee down work.
After checking the floor condition, we started the second waxing work. This time, we waxed parallel to the floor board.
And then we dried the room using the air conditioner. The floor was shining beautifully at last.
All the mops were washed up. We took lunch after the work.
Reported by nagano