December 18, 2004: Kids Christmas
A Christmas party for kids was held today. Beautiful cellophane paper cuts of the Nativity are attached on the window glass and "I am vivid and OK" seal marks of the kids are decorated on the tree on the table.
The kids sang pleasant songs in the beginning.
A kid opened the party.
The general leader made a few words as well. Then the kids introduced themselves.
"What is Christmas?" A simple picture-story show started.
When shepherds and sheep are sleeping, many angels appeared in the sky singing beautiful songs. The shepherds and sheep followed the angels.
They soon found a small stable under the large shinning star. When they entered it, they found a small baby in a manger set beside Maria and Joseph. The three Wise Men came from the east.
They offered to the baby what they have brought in carefully. Maria showed the baby to them, saying this is the very baby who will be Saviour. She asked the Wise Men how they found the place. The three Wise Men answered that a large shinning star has brought us here.
The Wise Men were very glad to see Saviour and returned back. The day when Saviour was born is Christmas. The mothers played the picture-story.
The kids listen carefully to the reading of the books as well.
The kids sang a song "Shining star."
They did very well.
Christmas card exchange.
The lunch was prepared by the mothers.
They enjoyed the wonderful lunch with the thanks to Maria and Jesus Christ.
Kids Christmas of Oita GOF
Self introduction
Picture-story show "What is Christmas?"
Reading books
Songs "Shining star" etc.
Christmas card exchange

Attendant: kid 10, adult 11