December 14, 2004: Christmas party
We will celebrate a Christmas party today after the big events like FBSC(Family Budget Study Class) and Friendship Sales.

A beautiful tree welcomes the members at the entrance hall.
Cut papers of the Nativity are on the wall.
The dishes have brought in by the branches and are ready on the table.
The general leader opened the Christmas meeting at ten in the morning.
Holly music started to flow in the hall.
Mr. Iwata, clergyman of Beppu Furoumachi church, started the ceremony service.
We are very glad to have a chance like this every year as we Group Of Friends are a party of Love of Jesus Christ.

All the members donated wishing it will be used in which it is needed.
After the divine service, each of us reported what they have learned this year after working hard in the events.
The party was closed by singing "Holly Night" in the end.
After the ceremony, we enjoyed good dishes specially prepared by the members.
Mr. Iwata, thank you very much for your wonderful divine service today.
Christmas meeting program

Devine service
Mr. Masamichi Iwata
Music by Tetsuko Takahashi
Review of the year
Hymn #109
Christmas party

Attendant 34
Kid daycare
Kid 2, carer 1

report by Nagano