November 2, 2004: The preparation for theFamily Budget Study class
"Hototogisu", a pretty little flower, welcomes us quietly at the entrance.
Today's regular meeting was held in charge of nearest Branch Houfu.
FBSC (Family Budget Study Class) is coming soon. We talked about the preparation status by each group.
The important item is the time schedule on the day.
"How do you manage your morning time?" Some reports were presented how they had learned from National Group of Friends' questionnaire regularly held in every five years.
"How the FBSC should be opened smoothly?"
After the meeting, we sat around the pleasant table.
Today's menu was Hayashi rice, instant vegetable pickles, and yogurt jelly.
Many preparation works find no end.
NOvember regular meeting
      In charge group: Houfu

Theme FBSC preparation
Hymn #319
One minute’s silent tribute to Mr. Gyou Hani
Reading "What is Group Of Friends?", Freedom, Cooperation, Love

New member introduction
From contents: By Kasai and Hirota
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Leader report
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From General affairs group
Actual work report
Kingdom of GOF
Dinning room report

General committee meeting

Daycare:by Akeno Group
Lunch by Wasada Group
Sales by Mitsushiki and Sakanoichi Group
Actual working report: Attendant 34
Daycare: Kids 4, carer 2
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