October 16, 2004: Oita Garbage Zero campaign
A swearing-in ceremony of Oita Garbage Zero campaign will be held today at the Prefectural Office. Our Oita GOF(Group Of Friends) was selected as a member of it. Some members will attend the ceremony, including Takeuchi(General Leader),Kuroiwa & Tanaka(Life Group), and Nagano(committee).
The ceremony will be held on the 14th floor of the Office. The weather is fine today and we can see a grand view of Oita town-centre.
The entrance of the hall will be decorated with campaing banners and posters.
Reception desk. We had the idear of distributing fliers of the Family Budget Study Class to be held in November.
Each group of the campaign promotion group can bring back it.
The ceremony will take placesoon. There will be thirty groups of people, including high school students and seniors, waiting for it.
Mr. Hisamatsu, a member of BuNGO Channel (last year's group) will record the speech of the governor.

Mr. Togou, a member of the Office explained about today's ceremony and the first study meeting status in detail.
Beverages are aailable at the back of the hall. The cups are reusable type.
Messers.Hisamatsu and Mori of BuNGO Channel record the scene.
Mr. Mori, the representative of BuNGO Channel presented its activities as a member of the first promotion group.
Governor Hirose gave certificates to the groups. A battery of TV cameras focus on him.
Our group was handed a certificate as well.
Governor made a short speech to encourage the groups. A commemorative picture was then taken after a declaration.
After the case study reports, the attendants were divided into groups to discuss how to promote the campaign this time. We explained how we were involved in the activity of reducing carbon dioxide in daily life. We were glad to find some people interested in it.

We will continue our movement from now on in our way.
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report by Nagano
picture cooperation by:BuNGO Channel