September 21, 2004: A fire drill
Today's theme of the study class is "Life study in September." All attendants were talking about the number of their August house accounts.
Suddenly, a large voice sounded around the hose, "A fire broke out in the kitchen! Evacuate immediately!" The members were astonished and dashed out of the house.
The members took refuge at the parking lot by the house. Kids were taken by the carer.
Each member in charge makes report.
The fire extinguish members quickly worked to put off the fire in the kitchen. The guides shouted to the second floor and brought out the valuables. The general leader checked the number of the people.
The fire manager called up all the members to make a fire drill. A water fire extinguisher borrowed from a fire department was actually used.
Each member tried to use it in turn. It shouldn't be used in a real case, but we all learned the importance of fire drills twice in a year.
report by Nagano