July 20, 2004: Kusu Branch
It is hot, but dry today. Some of the Oita Branch members of GOF (Group of Friends) will visit Kusu Branch today. A unique-shaped hill is coming into sight ahead.
The table mountain is unique to Kusu area. We will soon get out the highway at Kusu interchange.
we visited a huge old house having unusual roof like this. It is called "Senboku roof." The roofing is fixed by bamboo beams with the roots.
There are many tall trees in the premises. The roof is covered with the bark of Japanese cedar.
The six members out of seven in total are at the age above 80s. Their favorite book is "Females' Friends." They take the magazine even before World War 2.
Today's reading is the August edition of the magazine. After the introduction, they told us the history of Kusu Branch including the old stories in the continent of China. After much talk, we had a lunch we brought-in.

Beautiful summer flowers fill the garden.

We took another picture and said good-bye each other.

On our way back to Oita, we dropped in a ruin of Bungo Mori station's locomotive an engine shed constructed in 1934.
The ruin looks like a the Parthenon of Greece. The shed was closed long time ago and sit quiet in the summer bush. It was a harrowing sight. Click the picture to enlarge.

The tall window is covered with summer weeds and ivy. The scenery is fantastic. I wish if I could revive this precious shed again.
We drive east to Oita. Mt. Yufu soon came into sight and we got off the highway at Yufuin interchange.
We hope that all the members of Kusu Branch are healthy as long as possible.
Visit to Kusu Branch
Hymn #11
Reading: Females' Friends August edition, a letter to the friend.
Self introduction
On the 70th anniversary magazine
Committee: Takeuchi, Anan, Nagano, and Senior group (Ihara, Itonaga, Kouno) Commemorative magazine (Nishinaka), From Kusu Branch; Katou, Oota, Nagamatsu, Chou, and Higuma.