May 27, 2004: A meeting with the groups of "Oita City Male-Female Participation Project."
Today, I visited Municipal Office of Oita City. I found a relief like this at the entrance of the building.

On the relief was a motto of Oita City that reads "The swear of Oita citizens who wish to establish a humanistic society in the abundant nature."
The meeting was held at the main hall on the sixth floor. Our Oita GOF (Group of Friends) first registered the group.
What groups will join the meeting? I was interested in the participant today.
The meeting started at 13:30.
Mr. You Anan, the manager of International Culture Department of Oita City, made a few words in the beginning. He said that the promotion of this Male-Female Participation Project has started in 1999. Since then, they have been promoting many events such as Male-Female live together meetings, publication of the related magazines, and information exchange.
Today, 24 groups took part in the meeting. From our GOF, two members attended it.
Each group introduces their activities in various part of daily life. After the introduction, they discussed enthusiastically on many items. What is odd, the number of male was just one and the time was not appropriate to gather many people. Many opinions were introduced today.
Our Oita GOF may have a new chance to introduce our activities to other people.report by Nagano
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