May 7, 2004: Preparing for the "Subscribers' meeting"
"Think about family budget"
On a regular meeting in May, the lunch making group works hard from early in the morning.
Regular meeting reception.
Regular sales opens on the second floor. Homemade bread, cookies, dumplings, marmalade, and greens are the major items.
Peony boasts of its beauty and good fragrance in the hall. The flower was grown by one of the members.
The meeting started. Sakanoichi group is in charge of the reading today.
The subscribers' meeting will be held on next week. A member reports that the panel was ready to display. The ticket should be sold much more, we agreed.
Another big theme today is "Think the economy of Oita GOF." The financial report of fiscal 2003, construction expense report were reported and 2004 budget was on the discussion table.
The members look through the draft and listen to the proposal very carefully.
The working group proposed its budget and the book sales group reported about the new book issue.
In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Oita GOF, a special book will be issued. The member in charge of the book explained the plan.
National GOF will set on the research of "Time check" to be held every five years. A detailed filling method was explained and the members were listening to it very carefully. How to use time is how to use life. We should check out time and find new ideas.
Each group report. The flower group appealed to bring in many wild flowers and herbs to decorate the subscribers' meeting hall on the day.
The meeting has lasted longer than scheduled.
The lunch was set up quickly by Kasuga group and production group.
2004 May regular meeting
Sakanoichi group on duty
          Report by Nyu

Prepare for the subscribers' meeting; Thnk about economy
Hymn: #285
Reading "Shi-to-Ta", Freedom and love

On subscribers' meeting
Ticket sales
Think about Oita GOF economy
2003 statement of accounts and construction financial report
2004 budget draft

Group purchase, book, sales, production, and commemorative publishing report

On time check
Leader reports
From life group
From general affairs group
Working report
Song: GOF kingdom
Regular meeting lunch

Kids care by Mitsushiki group
Sales by Houfu and Wasada group
Actual report: Attendant 34
Kids 2, Carer 1carer
reprt by:Nagano
Afternoon work:Preparation for the subscribers7 meeting