March 2, 2004: The last regular meeting
We had the last regular meeting of the fiscal year today. In next week, we will have a friendship sale here in our GOF house. We are in tension a little bit.
In the small meeting room on the second floor, sales group members were working hard for the preparation.
Some kids are playing in the day-care room.
GOF house was rebuilt almost one year ago. It needs some small repairs and the builder showed up soon to fix the trouble.
Takajo group will be in charge of the meeting today. Lovely bouquet of Christmas rose was brought in by a member of the group.
The meeting started at ten.

The general leader reports that a new general leader was elected.
A young group leader talks about the impression of the reading today. Takajo group was started this year. They said that they had close meetings frequently.
Some members of the group couldn't join today, but they introduced their thinking by letters.
The number of the current member was reported.
Each group leader reviewed this year.
There are 12 branch groups in Oita Group of Friends. On behalf of the GOF, the leader of Akeno group summed up this year's activities. She said that they discussed how to bring onefs ability into full play in a group in which many members were working.
The other day, a National Life MeetingNational Life Meeting was held in Okayama City and three attendants reported their impressions on "food", "family budget", and "general items" respectively.
In May this year, we will open a subscribers' meeting in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of Females' Friend magazine. We make it a rule to talk about reading impressions of the periodical. Kawano talked today that she started her family budget keeping some 30 years ago encouraged by her mother. She has been referring to the periodical whenever she met a difficulty in life.
On March 13, we will check the sales preparation. The handbill of the subscribers' meeting was printed already and the books written by the lecturer of the day was introduced.
The regular meeting was over after singing a chorus "Friendship Kingdom" as usual.
The meeting room changed into the dinning room quickly. The dishes are ready for serve on the table.
Houfu group was in charge of today's lunch. They cooked based upon a report "A study of regular meeting lunch", they said.
Today is one day ahead of Hina Doll festival, but the dishes were cerebrating it with many kinds of food.
March regular meeting
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Theme: Review the year
Hymn #321
Impressions by Takajo group
Guest introduction
The membership report
Review the year Reports from the group leaders of life, economy, general, and local groups.Report on National Life Meeting in Okayama
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"The periodical and me"
Leader reports

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Today's attendant report; 18
Working and day-care report
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Working group report: attendants 31
Day-care report: 3 kids, 2 carers

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Lunch preparation by Houfu group
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