2003 Family Budget Study Class (FBSC)    Oita Group of Friends (GOF)
"Let's start family budget recording with fresh life and mind"
The family account book designed by Mistook Hanoi will cerebrate its 100th anniversary next year. In an uneasy economical condition time, let's pay the greatest attention to the family budget keeping. Please come and join us to study it.
FBSC schedule
November 11(Tue) 10:00-12:00 Green Cope Oita east hall
November 15(Sat) 13:30-15:30 Oita GOF house
November 18(Tue) 10:00-12:00 Compal Hall

Entrance fee 500 yen each
Day care 250 yen. Call for reservation
Phone 097-545-5441

We hope you add above days on your schedule without fail.
Program (common)
* make importance of your food
* Let's make food expense budget
* My family budget
* My budget for the next year
* How I have walked until today together with the account book

2003 Family budget study class record
October 10, the 2nd preparation meeting
The preparation has already started for coming Family Budget Study Class. Today, 24 members joined to discuss the items.
The theme of Life Study is "Thinking about our environment, how to decrease carbon dioxide emission." Sakanoichi group reports it.
Based upon the repeated discussions until today, the main structure of the theme was built up in the afternoon session.
Family budget study class preparation
Hymn #286
Reading: Start and end point of the family budget

From actual group
  From publicity group
  On kids food

Attendant: 24, kid day care 3
October 14, the 3rd preparation meeting
The items of the family budget study class was finalized at last. The young group joined the discussion as well to make a presentation on the making budget.
All the attendants learn it.
"A table of next year's schedule and its budget" is a key to think about the monthly expenditures.

The first thing is to grasp the feature of the house account including many outgoings such as tax and insurance. Saving plan is the key to understand the limit of outgoings.
Family budget study class preparation
Hymn #326
Reading: Living cost and its budget

 Food budget
       Making a budget for next year
From actual group
  From publicity group
  On kids food
  From account group; budget and transportation expenses
Attendant: 18, kid day care 5

Afternoon: publicity contents
October 28, 2003: The 6th preparation meeting
We will have a family budget study class here in new house as well. Today, we checked how to use the main hall by arranging chairs and tables.
The presentater tests the microphone.
After hearing the impression of the presentater, we discuss the theme again and make some correction on the speech manuscript.
Then we talked about the final arrangement of the exhibitions and tables. In the afternoon, we decided how to distribute the handbills and programs.
Family budget study class preparation
Hymn #285
Check the manuscript
On exhibition
On display table
Check the food expense for a home wife a month in 2004
Ticket sales report and poster preparation
     Check the site
Today's attendant 25 kid daycare 2
Afternoon: Check the materials
     Set up the program
October 31: Preparation finds no end
We had group meetings today. All the rooms of the house were used for it.
Life group discussed about the contents of Family Budget Study Class (FBSC) in the daycare room.
General group joined in the hall to confirm the check points of FBSC.
After that, the presenter reviewed the manuscript and displays.
Economy group went up to the small meeting room on the second floor to discuss on the sales together with another sales program to be held in December.
Report by Nagano
November 7, the rehearsal
The rehearsal started at last today.

Shiotsuki, the actual group leader of the day, xplains about today's program.
The first thing we did was to set up the chairs. The new house experiences first FBSC. We tried many times how to use the big hall.
Table attachment on the wall.
The rehearsal started at 10:20 by Kuronuma, the general leader of Oita GOF.
Young Yasuda presents her theme with a strain.
Iwahashi, the emcee, helps Hirota who will take care of kids on the day. She explains how kids enjoyed affixing the seals of arriving.
Muneoka reports on an actual result of a family budget.

After the rehearsal, we checked the sales status of the ticket. We confirmed to make much more effort on the sale.
Rehearsal of FBSC
Hymn #503
Site preparation
From actual working group...on ticket sales and more PR
Schedule after today, etc.
Contents discussion

Table finishing up

Attendant 31, kids 5
November 10: Set up the site
The FBSC will start tomorrow at Green Hall at last. We set up the site today from 14:00.
Display tables are already on the wall. The stage was checked and the microphone was tuned up.
Slogans are the key of the class.
The general leader rehearses the welcome message. She displays a family budget sample book published from Females' Friend Publisher who cerebrates its 100th anniversary next year.
Books will be sold here.
Reception tables were set up. Many handbills and materials were piled up on the table.
We hope the Class will welcome many guests.
November 11: FBSC at Green Hall
The rain has stopped after midnight. We will have the FBSC today at last atGreen Hall.
November 15: FBSC at Oita GOF house
New Oita GOF house had its first meeting of FBSC today.
It will start at 13:30, but many members joined earlier and set up the site. Thanks to the preparation, the FBSC started on schedule.
November 18 FBSC at Compal Hall
We had the third FBSC at Compal Hall downtown Oita. Many guests joined it.
In a sunny day care room, kids are playing pleasantly. Well, a picture-story show will start now. Kids are watching with their lovely eyes shinning with expectation.
The FBSC was over successfully. After cleaning up the site, we had a meeting to discuss about another event "How to keep your account book" to be held next week. The event will be opened in four sites.
November 26 How to keep accounts
We had a "How to keep an accountbook" meeting at Ms. Takeda's house in Munakata Group. Two guests joined us. Such meetings are held here and there, in GOF house yesterday and in Kasuga Group today as well. On November 27, we will have another meeting at Green Hall.
Report by Nagano