December 20, 2003: Christmas party for kids
Distant mountains and hills are covered with snow on the top and snow is coming down in large flakes concessionary. We have a cold day today.
Here in Oita GOF house, we will have a pleasant Christmas party for kids.

The stained glass made of paper was attached on the windows and kids flock in the hall.

Each kids brought in "Advent tree" respectively.
Name tags are on the chests of the kids and parents.

Well, are you OK?
The general leader of Oita GOF opened the party with a few words.
Kids introduce themselves, some make big voice, others faintly, and some can't say their names.
OK. Let's make big voices before the party is over.
What is Christmas? It is the day when Jesus Christ, one of the children of God, was born.
God is in your heart respectively. What does it mean?

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What does "God lives in your own heart" mean? The kids watch a picture-story show prepared by the mothers. "Yes. God will give you strong powers who try to get it."

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Then let's sing together next.
They sang "Twinkle twinkle little star.
Then kids played in concert "Small woodpecker and eared owl." As they played very well, mothers clapped of hands and called for an encore. The same melody was repeated.
OK, let's exchange Christmas cards.
The GOF members who prepared for lunch sat together in circle.
The Christmas cards were handed down one after another with the song of "Hasty hasty Santa Claus." Kids can get a card when they hold it when the song stopped.
They showed the cards each other.

All the cards were carefully made.

A meat loaf was just cooked in the kitchen.
The party will start soon.
Today's menu is in a sheet of lovely folding paper.

Kids washed their hands and sat on the table with good manners.
A kid pray for foods.
Thank you very much Jesus Christ and the Virgin Mary. There are kids who don't have food. Please give food to all of them as well, Amen!"
All the kids pray before taking foods.
After the lunch, the kids learned how to clean the table and carry the dishes to the kitchen.
All the kids and adult reviewed today's party and sang a song of "Holly Night" in the end.
The kids helped cleaning up the hall and went back home with Christmas cards and Advent trees carefully.
Kids Christmas party at Oita GOF.
Self introduction by kids
The story of the birth of Jesus Christ by a picture book
Picture-story show "A messenger from Heaven"
Chorus "Twinkle twinkle little stars"
Played in concert "Small woodpecker and eared owl
Christmas cards exchange
End greeting
Hymn "Holly Night"

Attendant: kid 14, mother and grandmother 8, GOF member 6

Report by Nagano