December 18, 2003: PC study class
Here in our GOF members, the number of the personal computer user is increasing to record the family budget.
In the last FBSC (Family Budget Study Class), some guests were interested in keeping the budget by PC. This is why we had a study class today.
Nine members joined the class at our GOF house. Some of them have long history of using family budget book, others are less experienced, including beginners and watchers.
After the self introduction, we read some lines from the Founders book.
Then we started the class in some groups.
"What is PC family budget?"
The beginners teach and learn each other with discussions.
The new comer will use the PC skillfully soon.
"Family Budget designed by Motoko Hani (the Founder)" has a long history of 100 years. Based upon this design, a new PC family budget program was developed. Making the budget and identifying the actual outgoing are the important concept of the program. We want to keep the family accounts with the motto of "Simple home and rich society."
We will have another PC study class in coming new year as well.

Life family budget study class
Hymn #109
Self introduction
Reading: The Founder's words, from Life family budget

Contents: On Program license
Group study

Impression and next time schedule
Attendant: 9, including 1 guest
         Report by Nagano