December 12, 2003 Christmas meeting of Oita GOF

In the morning of Christmas meeting, we affixed stained glass on the window of our GOF house.
A vase of crimson cyclamen was set on the table.
When we constructed ourGOF house, Mr. Iwata , a clergyman in Beppu Furoumachi, performed the ceremony of laying the cornerstone and celebrated the completion. Today he held the divine service.
"In the beginning, there was a word" he cited a phrase from John and told us about the meaning of Christmas. What is real love, what is Jesus love, he explained very easily.
We contribute money for Christmas. Yamade prayed to God saying "Please accept our small donation."ました。
We looked back our own hearts and decided to become a new woman.
The general leader Kuroiwa reviewed the activities in this autumn, including family budget study class(FBSC) and friendship sales. Tanaka records the words.
Iwahashi told the hard work and many helps in the FBSC.
Fumi Gotoh told her impression of the big work as public relation. She could understand a little the meaning of being grown up in GOF, she said.
Keiko Gotoh told that she could keep house account in the process of the preparation for FBSC.
Nyu looked back the friendship sales.
Fujiwara reported that Motoko Hani's, the founder, own handwriting was given to our group.
Before the cerebration party, we relaxed on the second floor. From left, Yoshino, the eldest member, Nagano, Ogata, and Iwata.
Beautiful salad dishes in the kitchen.
Many dishes were arranged beautifully on the table.
Today's attendants.
During the party, many holly songs filled the hall.
We have had a good day today by looking back the new house construction, busy works, and today's Christmas meeting.
Christmas meeting program.....omitted