December 5, 2003. Friendship sales at Rainbow building
Today, we will have a friendship sale at Rainbow bld. next to Oita railroad station. Many goods have already been brought-in from our Oita GOF house.
They were lifted up to the seventh floor.
Just-out-of-the-oven-cakes and other items were arranged neatly.
According to the layout, all members prepared the site very quickly.
Surplus item corner displays dining dishes and used kid cloths.
Morning meeting was held at 9:30 to confirm the progress of the day.
The site is ready for welcome the guests.
Cooperative purchase items are on display as well. Many high quality goods wait for the guests.
Group of Friends corner will be used for tea break as well.
Book stand.
Surplus item corner. Winter cloths are on the stand.
Some guests have been in the line as early as 10 a.m. Over 30 guests dashed in at the opening time 11:00.
They viewed the layout in advance and they could go directly to their target goods stands.
Cooking material corner attracted many attentions as well.
Carefully made aprons were appealing to the guests. They fit them in advance and bought what they wanted.
Good communications between the guests and the sellers.
We checked the sales amount in the lunch break.
At 13:00, the sale was over. We checked the result and cleaned up the site. Then we took late lunch followed by the review meeting.
The representatives of the each group checked their part and said good bye.

I thought that goods to be sold at the sales should be made more carefully.

Reported by Nagano