September 2, 2003: Regular meeting "Autumn activity"
The late summer heat is severe this year. We have a regular meeting today. A reception table is set in the front lobby of Oita GOF house.
We will have many events such as family budget study and friendship sales. We should combine ourselves to treat them.
The lines from the Founder's book "Autumn opening ceremony" are read by Houfu Group with their impressions.
Family budget leader talks about her plan.
Before working at outside, we should review how we ourselves manage the family budget. Three members introduced their thinking.

In summer vacation, some members made smock apron. They demonstrate their products.
Beginners and experienced people are happy with the kind advice of Ms. Tanaka who taught them sewing apron.
Another fruit of summer vacation was "Craft study" held after a long time.
They made stencils using sketchbooks and cuts.
The simple book cover was made by a beginner.
National Group of Friends Farm Experience School in 2003 was reported as well.
In the end of the meeting we sang "Kingdom of GOF".
Regular meeting sales. Some members from Shounai group sell its special product "sweet pea."
In the dining room, beautiful lunch is ready for serve.
Today's menu is two kinds ob bread, Julian soup, pork marinated salad, mashed potato, and yogurt jelly with blueberry sauce.
2003 September meeting
On duty: Houfu group, record by Ms. Nyuu
Theme"Working out in autumn"
Hymn: #424
Reading: "Autumn opening ceremony"
Report: "Working out in autumn"
Report: Making smock apron,
Craft study class,
Nasu farm experience
Leader report
From each section leader
Working report, daycare report
Kingdom of GOF
Working report: 37 attendants,
day care 2 kids, carer 1

Regular meeting sales: Mitsushiki and Kasuga group
Report by Nagano