September 24-26, 2003: Kyushu block meeting
We had a torrential rain in the morning in Oita. I was sent to the bus terminal by my husband with car. I took an express bus to Kumamoto.
When the bus entered Aso volcanic crater, the weather was becoming clear and finally fine sky in Kumamoto city.
A monument of Kiyomasa Kato's armor helmet is set on Daikou bridge.
I got off the bus at Kumamoto bus center and arrived the meeting site in a hotel nearby. The massive stone wall of Kumamoto castle reminds me of the great building work of the old workers.
My hotel faces the canal of Kumamoto castle.
I soon checked the site to be used as the block meeting from tomorrow.
In the evening, some members from Kumamoto branch joined me and started to prepare the site.
September 25: The first day

I got up before six in the morning. The weather looks like fine today as well.

The main theme is hang down at the hall.
The receptionists are ready with a beautiful flower vase on the table.
In the lobby is an exhibition demonstrating the proper amount of meal per day for housewife.
On the left is a proper amount of food to be taken by a house wife.
Each group from Kyushu block brought-in smock aprons to be recommended to the members.
Nabeboushi (hot cover) is sometimes called "another burner" of a cooking range. Many kinds of Nabeboush were displayed today.
Nasu Farm experience school is displayed here on the panel.

Report by Nagano