June 19, 2003: Open house
An out of season typhoon #6 has passed by without major damage to Oita. We have a fine weather in the afternoon.
I visited Oita GOF house in the evening for the preparation of an event.
Our new house cerebrated its completion on May 9 and will have an open house event for coming two days.
In order to show the new house to the visitors and appeal to the public, we prepared many panels.
Friendship sales will be held as well. The site is in the main hall.
Many items such as cakes and cookies are ready for sale tomorrow.
Surplus or second-hand items will be sold on the second floor. We attached the price tags on them.
On the back wall is the 70 years record of Oita GOF.
Direction maps are here and there.
A half part of the main hall will be used as the tea-and-snack corner. We will set some flowers there.
The production group of GOF has prepared pound cake, milk dumpling, dry curry, and jelly.
Many beautiful flowers will welcome the visitors tomorrow at the entrance.
I hope tomorrow will be fine and many guests will come and join us.

Dear friends, please come and look around our new house.
Oita Group of Friends Open House
@Date: June 20-21
@Hour: 11:00-15:00

Contents: GOF introduction panels, friendship sales(home-made cakes, bread, cookies, aprons, kids toys and more), tea and snack food, surplus item sales, books of Females' Friend Publisher, cookie materials, mini-cooking demonstration, simple snacks, and ironing on the shirts.)
Please come and join us. We are expecting to see you.

Oita GOF House:
P.O. 870-0857 Akegawara 2, Oita City, Japan Phone 097-545-5441
by Nagano