March 6-7, 2003: Senior meeting in Kagoshima
I visited Kagoshima city to attend "Senior meeting" to be held in Well View Hotel.
Through the large window, I can see volcano Sakurajima across the bay. The top of the mountain is in the cloud, however.

The meeting started at 3:00 p.m. Many attendants gather from all around Kyushu Island.
Many handworks are displayed like this.
From Oita GOF, we displayed the commemorative tapestry we had made before and short cushions to be used in our new house under construction. A home page that records the process of making the tapestry was also displayed.
Kitakyushu GOF

Knits, dyed goods, and bags.
Fukuoka GOF

Woolen balls, floor cushions made from waste pieces of cloth.
Kagoshima GOF Brilliant beautiful Hina Dolls made of kimono cloths.
Nagasaki GOF

Hand made mufflers and others.
Large embroidered bed covers
Kurume GOF Tapestry
Cloths from many GOFs.
Reformed from kimono
Yellow blouse was dyed with tall goldenrod.
The attendants are eager to look through.
Unfortunately, the second day opened in the rain as well.
The meeting was heated, however. Discussions crisscrossed the hall, from Kagoshima, Fukuoka, Kumamoto, and Oita groups.
The age of the attendants ranges from 40s to 80s. We enjoyed warm exchange over the tea. See you again after three years.
Kyushu Block Senior meeting
Theme - Thinking, living, and praying -
March 6 (Thu)
Welcome message by Kagoshima leader
Evening pray Noda, of Kagoshima
Hymn #284, 461
The word telling to us
(The shining of the truth)
Self Introduction of the attendants and short reports
Looking through the exhibitions


Lecture by Atsuko Yoshii of Alten Heim
Theme "Share the shining evening"

Working report, others

March 7 (Fri)
Reading by Nakanishi of Fukuoka GOF
Hymn #228,533
"Our shining paintings"
(The shining of the truth)
Impressions of the lecture
Vivid livings
Simple clothing life
Tango from Kumamoto GOF
New Year's words
Iwahashi o Oita GOF
Senior meeting and studies
Takashima of Kurume GOF

Working report
Wild flowers, tea, closing
Site Well View Kagoshima
Contents and working by Kagoshima GOF
Attendant: Kyushu Block leader 3, GOFs 66, Kagoshima GOF 50
Report by:Nagano