July 9, 2002: Mothers meeting
Typhoon No.6 is approaching to Oita with a torrential rain and gale. On a day like this, many vivid kids and their mother gathered to Oita Group of Friends House to join a regular "Mothers meeting."
In the last meeting, we discussed many issues including "Time check of mothers and kids." We will bring in the result and made some sheets on which colorful seals were affixed for presentation. The seals mean "get up in the morning, eat, and go to bed."

The diagram tells us that most of the families are early to bed and early to rise.
"We go to bed a little bid later", "My kids take longer naps." Mothers always have troubles of child rearing.
Kids take lunch at 11 a.m. They enjoyed brought-in lunch boxes pleasantly.
Today's on-the-table-demonstration is how to make carrot jam and jelly.
First, we make carrot jam. Well boiled carrot is smashed by a food processor. The knack is to add Umeboshi, or pulp of pickled ume for better taste.
Then the mixture is put into a pod together with sugar and boiled down. Homemade soymilk is a material to make another kind of jelly. Original soymilk is really tasty and has a good flavor.

We also learned the usage of gelatin and agar.
Curry is a good food for coming hot summer holiday.
The mixture of carrot jam and curry paste are put between slices of bread for today's lunch. It was very appealing and some attendants requested the recipe to make it in home.
We promised to have a target during the summer holiday and bring in the result in September.
The typhoon was still raging outside, but we have had a fulfilling time today.
July mothers meeting

Hymn #285
Reading: "Kid is the weak" from "Education of 30 years"
Discussion: On "Time check result" of mothers and kids
On the table demonstration: Carrot jam and jelly (two kinds)

Lunch: Stand-by food helps us in a busy time. Let's increase the number of cooking repertoire. Today's stand-by food were curry paste, sweet pickled vegetable and homemade bread.

Attendant: 7, guest 1, kid 9, 6 members of the committee

Reported by Nagano