June 19, 2002: Kyushu block life study
In Group of Friends Kyushu Block A consists of six branches, Kita-Kyushu, Oita, Iizuka, Beppu, Saiki, and Nougata.

Today, I visited Nougata branch for open the block meeting. The members of Nougata branch decorate the site with a beautiful flower arrangement of the season.
Nougata branch is the smallest one in Kyushu block. With the help of a nearby branch, Iizuka, they work hard for today's meeting.
The life study starts at 10 a.m. with the attendant number check.
Today's attendant number was 44 from 5 groups, two Kyushu block members, and a kid. Saiki branch couldn't join the meeting, however.
The Kyushu block members read the lines "On every coming morning" from the works (From "the shining of truth") of Motoko Hani, the founder of Group of Friends.

The members interpret the lines as we should make efforts to improve our lives with the fresh hearts given in every morning.
The presentation of life group started.

Oita Group of Friends talked about how they work on life study in the branch.
Oita reporter explained this year's target "Aiming a steady life." She also introduced monthly questionnaire analysis on environmental-friendly life on regular study meeting.
Kitakyusu reported their study on food that started more than two decades ago.
"Well balanced food is the key of life and we have made side-dish list for that purpose. We have four lists that change from season to season. They help prepare our dish rich and original home dishes."
Nakatsu branch demonstrates a large diagram on the wall that appeals "Let's take in-season vegetables. When you have time, you can prepare them and stock for proper taking of the vegetables."
Beppu branch reports on their continuous study of bean foods.
"Standing bean dishes are useful for every meal. We will learn much more on menu."
Nougata branch reports on its long lasting work on "hot cover on pods." They carried out an experiment of cooking beans by using many kinds of pods such as pressure cooker, enameled pod, and enameled pod plus hot cover. The latter two made tasty beans while the first cooker could do quickly. Hot cover saved 30-minute equivalent gas in cooking, they reported.
Active discussion made us hungry.

Today's lunch was famous chicken lunch box bought at nearby Orio railroad station. Homemade boiled black beans with mixture of vegetables and fresh salad were served as well.

In the lunch break, we exchanged our original goods to be sold at various sales. Oita presented pound cake, fried sweet beans, marine plants. Kitakyushu brought-in three kinds of cake and cookies.
The afternoon session started with the theme on family budget.

We discussed hoe we could increase the number of family budget keeper. A member of Kyushu Committee analyzed on the study result of heating and lighting expenses of whole Kyushu branches last year.

"Not only electricity consumption, we should watch various amount of energy usage from the standpoint of global and cosmic thinking. We have to be careful for our lives and keep the family budget for that purpose."
"We will make importance of the life study from now on"

First, Iizuka reported on their "Love soil" movement. They do not throw away any kitchen garbage; they return all the garbage to the soil. They are challenging to return kitchen used water to the kitchen garden. We were moved by their enthusiastic talk.
Mothers' meeting report was presented by Oita branch.
"The mothers checked their home times for three days and reviewed their lives to increase cooking repertoire.
Discussion continued more.
Coffee break with simple sweet bean jelly and cold tea.
We could learn much today. The meeting was over at 15:30. Thank you very much Nougata branch members.
The attendants from Oita branch.
Today's meeting was held at a wonderful building just next to Nougata station. Nougata had once flourished with coal mining industry.
We changed the train at Orio station to catch the line to Oita.

We talked pleasantly on today's meeting on our way back to Oita.
Attendant check
Hymn #23
Life report, Oita
On food, Kitakyushu, Nakatsu, Beppu, Nougata
Lunch and exchange
How to increase family budget keeper
Heating and lighting expenses report
Life study to be continued
Making soil for vegetables, Iizuka branch
Mothers' meeting report, Oita
Tea break and talk
@13:30 over

Attendant: Kitakyushu 7, Oita 5, Beppu 3, Nakatsu 6, Iizuka 15, Nougata 8, Central Committee 2, Total 46

Working by Nougata branch
@cooperation, Iizuka branch

Picture Annan, Reported by Nagano