June 11, 2002: Mothers' meeting
We have entered the rainy season yesterday. It is raining from the morning and is very hot and humid. Here in Group of Friends Oita Branch, another heat continues.
In the last meeting, we checked the time study of the kids. Today, we discuss again by using some diagrams based on the data that show the time pattern of a day of 17 kids ranging from two to the sixth grade of the primary school. Time span is from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. The blue color means sleeping time and the red is eating time. /TD>
In order to give a kid regular life habit or preparing meals for the hungry kids, it is very important for the mothers to manage their time schedule. The time pattern of the mothers will be presented at the next meeting. Mr. K reported her three days schedule. Many voices agreed to take much more various kinds of eating.
The kids opened their lunch boxes in another room at 11 a.m. and played pleasantly until the end of the meeting.
Today's demonstration is how to make Happou stock. It is good for noodle soup and for many other uses.
It is made from 200cc water, 50cc soy sauce, 50cc sweet sake, and 6g shavings of dried bonito. The mixture of water, soy sauce, and sweet sake in the ratio of 4:1:1 is boiled for one minute and cooling down for filtration. The stock is usable for about one week if it is stocked in the refrigerator. The stock will play an important roll in the hot summer from now.
Today's testing was cooled Soumen noodle together with cucumber and egg thread.
Mothers take brought-in lunch and noodle testing.
Today's dishes are boiled-down Shiitake mushroom, sweet beans, pickles of dried horse radish, and chicken.
I bought the materials to make the dishes in home.
The next meeting will be on July 9. The check result of the mothers' time schedule will be brought in.
Mothers meeting

Hymn #11
Reading: "30 years in education -mothers' wish"
Discussion: Kids time schedule
     : Ms. K's report
Demonstration cooking: Happou stock

Lunch: Ready for use foods are very helpful for busy mothers. Let's increase the number of repertoire of the dish.

Attendant: 13, guests 3, kid 7

                   Reported by Nagano