June 6, 2002: Making cake No.2 by Oita Group of Friends Cake making class
Last time we made "pound cake" . Today, we will focus on creating a "manual" that will result in high quality of the cake.
Each participant today has brought-in pound cakes baked by the same instruction.
Here are instructions that describe baking temperature, date, ingredients, knacks, and comments.
One of the participants stands up for making actual pound cake. Others surround her and watch the procedure. The text book is "How to make cakes" issued by Females' Friend Publisher. It teaches us "When mixing margarine, the mixer speed should be low and the time is ten minutes."

Some advises "In summer, the margarine tends to melt quickly. It is recommended to use an ice-water bowl for cooling."
Exactly weighed 200 grams of egg is added in three times to the flour.

The first mixing should be completely, the second is moderately, and the third is lightly.
Walnut, rum-dipped currants, and well sieved flour are mixed carefully.
"Cut" the mixture until the flour's white color vanishes.
The dough is poured onto the baking paper of the two molds, and tapped on the table remove the air in the dough.

The four corners of the mold are carefully stuck by a bamboo skew to fill the dough completely. The center part of the dough is dented before putting it into the oven.
Now, baked up. As we prepared very carefully, the product is beautiful.
(The baking control is 170 C-10 min, 160 C-10 min, and 150 C-22 min, depending on the surface color.)
Today baked cake, brought-in cake, two weeks old cake, souvenir cake baked by Tokyo Branch, and Kumamoto Branch cake were gathered for comparison. The total number of the cake was 14. We checked and tasted them and ranked up by discussing our impressions and possible expiration date.
Pound cake

Thin flour 200g
Margarine 180g
Sugar 160g
Egg 200g
Walnut 80g
Currants 120g
Rum 2 large tbsps
In the end, we discussed on the wrapping and others.
To be improved
(1) Don't depend only on the baking powder, but to use fully fermented dough.
For that, the egg white of two eggs (200g) is foamed up separately and is mixed after all the ingredients are put into the bowl.
(2) The baking paper shouldn't be remover before wrapping. The just out-of-the-oven cake should be taken out from the mold after cooling the rough heat and then left on the net for further cooling with the paper on. After complete cooling the paper is carefully removed for final wrapping.

We have decided to standardize today's way of making pound cake. We will try respectively on the new instruction.
Pound cake study class
Hymn #122
Reading "Cake making book" from Females' Friend Publisher, under the editorship of Tomiko Fukushima.
Today's program: Lecture
    Checking the cake
Tasting 14 cakes.

Attendant:9, kid 1

Reported by Anann