June 4, 2002: National Meeting report
We have a beautiful but hot day today. Naturally, the weather has already entered a rainy season. Where has "The rain front" gone?

Herbs and rose flower arrangement make the atmosphere cool.

Today, we have a report meeting in our Oita Branch to report the 2002nd National Meeting held in Tokyo in last month. A large sheet of the National Meeting program was attached on the front wall and four members who joined the meeting report the status.
We have guests from Beppu Branch which couldn't send their members to Tokyo.
After the report, we discussed on the new house construction project. Until today, we have been talking about how to materialize the dream. Today, we went one step ahead, "money plan."
Life Group members reported on "Environment in our life", the main theme of May.
We regularly fill the questionnaire every month. This will boost the concern of the members for environmental protection.
The members from Beppu joined the lunch.

The menu was milk bread, honey bread, chicken in Nanban pickles, carrot and kidney bean glace, green salad, vegetable soup, green tea sweet jelly, and vinegar seaweed.

Munakata Group was in charge of the lunch preparation.
Beppu members brought-in soy-bean cookie that stimulated our appetite endlessly.
June meeting In charge of committee group
Record by Matoba
Main theme: National Meeting report
Hymn: #364
Reading: The creature
National Meeting report and impression by Shiotsuki, Iwahashi, Kuroiwa, and Nagano
Introduction of the guests and new comers.
Beppu Branch introduction
On new house construction project
Summary of May questionnaire
Leader report
From life group
From sales group
From general affairs group
From actual group

Day care by Jounan Group and Mitsushiki Group
Regular meeting sale: Akeno and Sakanoichi group
Lunch preparation by Munakata Group

Actual Group report: Today's attendants Oita 33, Beppu 8
Day care: Two kids by two adults.

Report by Nagano